Travel Vlog Episode 2: Adventure to Washington (Seattle Deception Pass Twin Falls Bainbridge)

Summer 2017

Our vacation to Washington was a blast. Potlatch harvesting oysters was fun, Jarad first time eating raw oyster was hilarious. The fogs at Deception Pass made the bridge look mysterious and beautiful. On our way there we stopped by the Shrimp Shack, I ate like 5 lbs of shrimp to myself, delicious. There are so many trees at Twin Falls, nothing like California. The water was very clear and icy cold, but that didn’t stop the kids from swimming and having a good time, it was irresistible. Riding the ferry to Bainbridge Island was fun. The island didn’t have much to do, but we enjoyed the ice cream at Mora’s Ice Cream. We had reservation at Sky City Restaurant at 2pm for lunch. I’m a kind of guy that likes more food for my money and Sky City didn’t offer that. The 3 course lunch was $52 per person and it also includes the pass to the observation deck. For a first experience it was worth it but a not a restaurant that I would continue to go. The food was OK, not that great and the price is really expensive.

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