Moby Dick – List of Characters

In 1851, Moby Dick was written by a novelist named Herman Melville. The novel is about the adventures of Ishmael, a wandering sailor, who joined the voyage of Pequod, a whale ship under the command of Captain Ahab. Ishmael later found out that his captain is obsess to get his revenge from Moby Dick, a gigantic sperm whale which had cause the loss of the captain’s boat and leg.

Here’s the character list of Moby Dick:

1. Captain Ahab

He is the domineering captain of the whale ship, Pequod. He has the obsession to kill the great sperm whale known as Moby Dick. It is Moby Dick which caused him to lose one of his legs. Ahab claims that he is the ruling god of Pequod but his character shows a more devilish figure because of his profane goal to capture Moby Dick.

2. Ishmael

He is the novel’s narrator. Ishmael is a sailor of Pequod and he journeys the sea because of his affection to it. His primary role is to be an observer of the things that surround him especially the conflicts in Pequod. He develops a close friendship with Queequeg. Also, he is the only survivor of Pequod because he is in a whaling boat when Moby Dick destroys Pequod and he is rescued by another ship. Thus, Ishmael lives to tell the story of Moby Dick.

3. Queequeg

He is a pagan harpooner from the land of New Zealand. He is the king’s son but he renounces his throne so that he can travel all over the world and understand Christianity. He chooses to join the voyages of whaling ships.

4. The Three Mates

a. Starbuck

He is Pequod’s chief mate. He is from Nantucket and Quaker. He has a slender built and shows a matter-of-fact sense. In the novel, he is portrayed as an advocate of human imperfections and that such imperfection can be keep in checked. Starbuck has the capability to show opposition against Captain Ahab especially on the captain’s mission to get revenge to the sperm whale.

b. Stubb

He is Pequod’s second mate. He is from Cape Cod and an easygoing character. He manages to sound hilarious even when he’s talking in front of the sinister captain, Ahab. Although he is always full of humor, he is a talented whale man. Stubb is the man who kills the first whale during the voyage of Pequod.

c. Flask

He is Pequod’s third mate. He is from Martha’s Vineyard and has a less important role that the other two mates. Flask is a man who never gets satisfied. The more he fills himself with food, the more he gets hungry.

5. Pippin

He replaces an oarsman of Stubb. Pippin is young and black. He almost becomes insane when he still cannot manage to face a whale for the second time and upon realizing that his crew will let him die because of his cowardice.

6. Fedallah

He is the mysterious member of Ahab’s whaling crew. He is sometimes believed to be a disguised devil who wishes to get Ahab. He dies on the second day of chasing Moby Dick because he was trapped in the whale bait.

7. Peter Coffin

He is the innkeeper of Spouter Inn where Ishmael has stayed when going to Nantucket.

8. Father Mapple

He gave up sailing to join the ministry. He is a famous preacher. In one of his sermon where Ishmael attended, he uses the tale of Jonah and the whale

9. Hosea Hussey

She owns the Try Pots Inn where Ishmael and Queequeg stayed in Nantucket. She is Peter’s cousin.

10. Peleg

He is retired and a former captain of Pequod. He and Bildad own Pequod. He is the first person who speaks of the darkness within Ahab by comparing him to the well-known vile king of the same first name.

11. Bildad

He is one of the owners of Pequod. He reproached Pequod’s crew because of blasphemy and is remorseful by letting Pequod on its long and uncertain voyage.

12. Elijah

Ishmael and Queequeg have met him in Nantucket. He asks if they have already met Captain Ahab and if they have sold their souls to the devil by joining the crew of Pequod.

13. Bulkington

A Pequod’s sailor who loves danger and the sea so much that he joins right away another voyage even if just finished his four-year sea adventure.

14. Tashtego

He is Stubb’s Indian harpooner from Martha’s Vineyard.

15. Daggoo

He is Flask’s giant harpooner from Africa.

16. Dough-Boy

He is Pequod’s steward and prepares the crew’s dinner. He feels nervous when he is around Tashtego and Queequeg.

17. Perth

He is Pequod’s blacksmith who created the harpoon of Ahab.

18. Captain Mayhew

He is the captain of a Nantucket ship, Jeroboam, which became a prey to a shaker’s mutiny.

19. Gabriel

He is Jeroboam’s shaker who claimed himself as Archangel Gabriel and causes the mutiny.

20. Macey

He is a Jeroboam’s crew member who was killed by the great Moby Dick.

21. Derick De Deer

He is the captain of Jungfrau, a German ship. He pleads the Pequod’s crew for oil but later competes with them for hunting sperm whales.

22. Dr. Bunger

He is the doctor and surgeon of the British ship, Samuel Enderby. He warns Captain Ahab to forget his chase to Moby Dick.

23. Captain Gardiner

He is the captain of Rachel who pleads Captain Ahab’s help to find one of his lost boats that have his son. He gives Captain Ahab important information on Moby Dick’s sighting. It is Rachel, his ship, which saves Ishmael.

Critics have described the characters in Moby Dick as having its own universe. Each Moby Dick character best portrays human behaviors and habits. Some of the characters are also inspired by characters in the bible.


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