Baby Boomers and Timeshare Travel – Warning – Why You Should Not Buy a Timeshare

Baby boomers who love to travel do not need to fork out the thousands of dollars needed to buy a timeshare just to travel to timeshare properties worldwide.

Why address the concerns of baby boomers and timeshare travel? Many boomers are not even aware of what is involved in purchasing a timeshare. Timeshares are not only very expensive but they are also very restricting. Once you purchase a timeshare your obligation is not over. Most timeshare purchases require a maintenance fee that is to be paid either monthly or yearly. The price of the fee can change at any time due to unforseen circumstances like bad weather or damage to the properties commonly owned. Perhaps the common ownership wants new furniture in all of the units. That cost will get passed along to the timeshare owners as well.

Timeshare purchases up front are very expensive ranging on average from $15,000 plus maintenance fees to $80,000 plus other expenses. Normally a downpayment is required and then monthly payments can be arranged or you will be asked to put the balance on a credit card. When you are ready to travel you will have options of traveling to the same property year after year for a designated number of years or you will be on a point system. If you are on a point system you will be able to travel to a wide variety of properties and you may even be able to choose the time of the year you want to travel.

What happens to a baby boomer and timeshare travel when the baby boomer can’t travel for some reason? That property will sit empty unless the boomer can find someone to rent it to or give it to to use for that year. That is money wasted that did not need to be wasted.

There are alternatives. One of the best I have seen is a timeshare travel club membership. This type of membership will allow you to travel to just about anywhere in the world to 5, 4, and 3 star resorts for a one time membership fee and then deeply discounted prices thereafter. Every baby boomer should weigh the facts about timeshares and travel club memberships before they purchase either one.

For more information on two of the leading travel membership clubs on the internet today you may want to visit the two links below.


Source by Margaret Dunn

Travel to Scotland

Scotland is a country in North Europe and forms the northern part of Great Britain. Scotland has a dramatic coastline with hundreds of islands. A playground for any outdoor goer, Scotland has a landscape of immense beauty.

Scotland is famous for many things – castles and whiskey to name a few, but is best known the world over for its national dress. We’ve all seen a lone piper playing the bagpipes and wearing the kilt – the bagpipes have been the traditional sound of the highlands for centuries.

Scotland is rich in history – resulting in a landscape full of amazing castles and forts. Standing upon the summit of an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle overlooks the entire city. This large fortified building has long served as a protector to the Scots and English rulers. Stirling Castle has dominated Scottish History for years. Three miles south of Stirling Castle, Robert the Bruce defeated the English in the famous battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

Scotland has a rich tradition in both food and drink. Haggis is the best-known Scottish dish – made out of the insides of sheep with oatmeal and normally served with turnips and potato. This dish will not be to everyone’s fancy – but don’t fret they also produce some great drinks. For any true whiskey drinker, the Scottish have truly mastered the art of creating excellent malt whiskey.

The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh. The centre of Edinburgh is a great example of Georgian urban architecture, dating back hundreds of years.

The main shopping area in Edinburgh lies along Princes Street. Princes street has a large amount of art galleries and museums. Most shops in Scotland open on a Sunday but are closed on public holidays. The currency of Scotland is the pound sterling (£).

Travelling around Scotland is a pleasure – there are direct flights from most parts of the world into Scotland’s main airports. Scotland also has a large rail network with is very reliable. If you are planning to use the Scottish rail system frequently – it is a good idea to buy a rail pass.

For any outdoor achiever Scotland hosts a large amount of outdoor activities. Rock climbing and mountaineering are very popular in the west of Scotland and on some of the islands.

Walking is extremely popular in the Highlands of Scotland. The vast open unspoiled landscape is an ideal spot – most parts are open to the public. Pony trekking is also very popular along the Highlands and in the open countryside.

Scotland also hosts great centres for water sports. Most of these centres are suitable for the beginner. Sailing in Scotland is very popular along the coast while inland canoeing is extremely popular.

Golf attracts thousands of visitors every year, especially to some of the more famous courses in Central Scotland. Other sports include skiing in the winter, football and rugby.

Scotland’s national parks are full of amazing wildlife and rare plants. Rare arctic plants flourish on the highlands with many birds of prey , such as eagles and kestrels found in the highlands.

If you do decide to travel to Scotland and would like to avoid wet damp conditions, the months from May to August are best.


Source by TJ Tierney

Things to Keep in Mind For Last Minute Holiday

Unexpected holiday plans can spring anytime and for any reasons and often such last minute situations can lead to confusion and travel goof ups. Last minute traveling can be little complicated to handle especially when there is so much to do and you have no idea where to begin or what to do.

Following are some of the key points you should keep in mind when planning a last minute holiday or when getting ready for that last minute travel:

Choose the destination

If this is some sudden plan of going out with the family for a day or two or if it's some random idea of ​​spending time with friends away from the rush of your city, always decide on a destination or a city before packing those heavy bags of yours. The best way is to either come with a common favorite place or call up friends or family members who might be able to come up with great holiday spot ideas. Another way is to decide is to consider factors like budget and time.

Find the cheaper airlines or hotels

Last minute travel can also be a result of emergency or difficult to avoid circumstances leaving no time to plan a budget or to search for the most affordable way to travel or stay. At such situation, the best thing that could be done is to find cheaper online deals for airlines and hotel reservations. Internet is full of such last minute deals and can prove to be a good idea at such status of your travel.

Even the last minute holiday based on urgent account of affairs can be made suitable to one's pocket by such deals. It is advisable to discuss the matter with any friend or family member who might have idea on affordable traveling ideas or might have any such experience.

Start the holiday one day in advance

It is always a good idea to mark the beginning of a holiday a day in advance, a day when you can sit think, plan and shop. A day in advance means lots of time and less of confusion especially if its one of those last minute holiday plans.

Make a list

For everything you plan, wish to do and still have to do make a list. By penning down every little thing you get to have a clear idea on what's been done and what's still not done, also it saves you from asking yourself 'am I forgetting something?', When you board your plane or train.

List making technique also helps in checking everything twice and ensures that you have planned it all.

Reach not on time, but before time

This is one of the important tips to follow when planning or getting ready for last minute holiday. Reaching the airport or station much before the time saves you from unexpected accidents that might delay you and give you sometime to sit and think. Often, last minute holiday or last minute traveling makes you forget things you might have wanted to take with you or things you simply forgot to pick, with early arrival at your airport or station you get enough time to drive back, in case you have to . Also, reaching before time helps to unwind the trouble and lets you begin your journey with peace.


Source by Simon D Johnson

Stewart Projector Screen – Is a Stewart the Best Projection Screen For Home Theater?

The Stewart projection screen brand is recognized as being despite the best projection screen available for a home theater. The Stewart brand, especially the Firehawk projector screens have been recognized by home theater enthusiasts for being at the pinnacle of projection screen perfection. Stewart screens are available as both front and rear projection screens.

You have decided to build the ultimate home theater. You only want the best components so you decide to order a state of the art projector screen. This is where a Stewart screen such as a CineCurve comes in, and you will need a quality screen like this to get the most out of your projector. If you are looking to get the most out of your projector you can not go wrong with a Stewart display.

Here Are Some Advantages Of A Stewart Projection Screen

The best projectors are extremely powerful, projecting against a white wall or a cheap matte white screen pretty much guarantees that you will not be able to get the best possible picture. The reason for this is that a better projector results brighter images, and in order to get the best possible contrast ratio you will want to go with a gray screen, the projector screen material such as a Stewart CineCurve will enable darker blacks while the power of the projector, and the special reflective surface of the screen produces bright colors despite the darker screen color.

Another advantage of having a Stewart screen as opposed to some sort of white cheap projection screen is that it will be less sensitive to ambient light. You will not need to be frustrated if a little bit of light peaks in which can easily ruin the viewing experience with a cheap display.

Stewart projector screens are used in many large theaters, and this is further proof of the high quality of this screen. In a large theater there is almost always some sort of ambient light to deal with, and these screens are able to handle it. This is the level of projection video projection screen technology that you could have in your own home theater.

The Only Real Disadvantage

The only real disadvantage of a Stewart projector screen is that for this level of quality you must be willing to pay a premium projector screen price. This is not a cheap projector screen. If you decide that you would prefer to get the most for your money, a Draper or Carada screen could be a better choice. Something to remember however, is that you will not need to upgrade this screen if you go for a more powerful projector, however to get the most out of a cheaper display you may have to.


Source by Here Tweed

Holding Your Cue When Playing Snooker

Snooker is one of a number of popular cue sports that many people enjoy playing. In order to be successful at this game there are a number of skills that you need to master such as your stance and your aim. Another thing that you need to practice and master is holding your snooker cue correctly when playing snooker.

Many people, when they first start out with this game, head to the table brandishing their cues without any clue about how to hold the cue properly. However, it is important to remember that the way in which you hold your cue will have a profound impact on how successfully you play the game in terms of your aim and your shot.

The way in which you hold your cue will affect both the aim and the power behind the shot that you take. Of course, when you first start playing the chances are that you will be holding the cue incorrectly and you will need to get some practise in to get the hand of the correct positioning of your hands on the cue. However, once you master holding your cue properly you will be able to tell the difference right away in terms of the power and control behind the shots that you take.

It is worth remembering that if you hold your cue towards the lower end you will have more power but will probably have a lousy aim. On the other hand, if you hold the cue too high up your aim will be better but your will have far less power behind the shot. It is therefore advisable to go about one third of the way up the cue in order to try and maximise on both power and aim, as both are necessary for a successful shot.

Your index finger and middle finger should be placed at the bottom of the cue, and the cue should be able to rest comfortably between these two fingers. You should ensure that you are not gripping the cue forcefully as this will hinder your shot. Instead, try and aim for a more relaxed hold on the cue, which will help to ensure that you are able to take a smooth, controlled shot.

As with many of the other skills required when playing snooker you will find that learning how to hold your snooker cue in a way that is both comfortable for you and will help to improve your aim and shots will require some practise. However, once you have mastered this you will be able to enjoy far greater success with your game.


Source by Paul Bryan

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Property

Everybody dreams of owning a house at one point of time. But possessing a house is no joke. It requires careful consideration and planning to make such a heavy investment. A lot many things have to be kept in mind before buying any property. The main concern is finance but there are so many other things that are directly related to it.

Here are some factors that should be considered before buying a property:

1) Stability of income: Doing well in your work and earning good money may excite you to buy property at the moment. But it is very important to analyze your financial condition before making any big purchase. How stable your job is at the moment, will your salary increase in some time, what are your other expenses and how safe is it to invest in an asset are some of the most important questions to answer. If you’re uncertain of your future income situation, then picking up a mortgage isn’t a really good idea at the moment. Wait for some time and save more money for down payment.

2) Credit Score: A credit score is a statistical number that depicts a person’s creditworthiness. Lenders use a credit score to evaluate the possibility of a person to repay his debts. It also determines the rate of interest at which the mortgage will be given if it gets approved by the bank or creditors.

3) Personal commitments: What are your personal goals? What expenses do you see in the near future? Are you getting married or planning a baby? What are the expenses that may delay your mortgage buying? All these events will incur heavy expenses and may delay your property buying task. Ask these questions to yourself and consult your dear ones before planning to take such a major step.

4) Real Estate scenario: What is the real estate trend in your area? Are the property prices going upwards or are in a stable state. If the prices have gone up, will your finances allow you to make that purchase? Some area of your city may be attracting a lot many builders hence the rate of property might be on an upsurge. If the prices are going down, you may be lucky in buying your desired property at affordable rate.

5) Expectations from the property: Buying a home may be for different purposes- it could be for your own use or may be your second home i.e. investment. Since investing in real estate is considered to be the safest bet, a lot many people buy homes and put it on rent to get returns. If you are buying it for your own purpose, you may prefer a specific locality or a specific area, but if buying for investment, you may overlook such points and just concentrate on buying a property that may suit your budget.


Source by Nimish Jain

How to Disassemble a Pool Table

Disassembling a pool table can be rather easy, providing you have the right tools and manpower. The instructions listed here are for a standard wood frame home pool table with a slate bed and leather drop pockets. Coin operated tables and non slate tables have different instructions when disassembling.

Tools Needed: 9/16″ socket, socket wrench, Philips screwdriver. Marked sandwich baggies to place screws and bolts.


Rail Assembly: Contains the wooden rail, the cushion or bumpers to which the apron attaches to.

Bumpers: The rubber part of the rail. They are covered with felt.

Aprons: The wooded segments that attach to the rail assembly. Can be a permanent part of the rail assembly or can be screwed depending on manufacturer of table.

Felt: The cloth that covers the playing surface and the rail bumpers. Usually it is a 75% woolen 25% nylon blend.

Slate: The playing surface of the pool table. Usually comes in (3) pieces. Can either be wood backed or unbacked.

Frame: The base of the pool table which the slate sits on.

  1. First start off by detaching the pockets from the table itself. Usually the straps of the pockets are attached to the table itself with either screws, staples, nails or glue.
  2. Next using your 9/16″ socket and wrench; remove the rail bolts (12) located underneath each rail. Place the rail bolts in a marked baggie for storage.
  3. Take one section of the rail assembly (2 sides and top/bottom) and flip them over onto the covered bed of the pool table. Unscrew the pocket screws.
  4. Remove pockets from rail assembly and place to side.
  5. Place rails to the side. Some tables you will have to remove the aprons at this point.
  6. Remove felt from slate bed. The felt is usually either glued down or stapled to the wood backing of the slate. If it is stapled, remove each staple carefully, as not to rip the felt itself.
  7. Remove the slate screws and place in marked baggie. Sometimes all the slate screws will be filled in with either beeswax, Bondo or spackling putty. Carefully remove the product from each hole.
  8. Pull the slates apart and lift each one and place to the side.These are very heavy so please be careful.
  9. Disassemble the frame. Generally, most of the time if you are just moving the table a short distance all that will be required is removing the legs.
  10. Removed the bolt from each leg. Pick table up and remove legs and place to side.


Source by Cheri Koontz

Choosing an Online OSHA School

Like many of us, you are in search of a quality, online safety school. You might be interested in an OSHA Outreach 10 hour course or a 40 hour HAZWOPER course, but before you jump the gun, here are a few things to consider when making the choice.

1. Content Providers

Now this is something that most people do not know, but for the thousands of online safety school providers out there, there are only a handful of content providers. This means that in a nut shell, most of the websites out there are selling the exact same course. This is a good thing because it narrows down the list in a big way. The two big names out there are 360Training and ClickSafety. I find 360Training to be a great choice when choosing a content provider because they provide 24 hour support 7 days a week, including live chat and a toll free number, their media loads quickly and is updated regularly.

2. General Aesthetic

General Aesthetic in this sense refers to how a website looks. It may not matter much to you, but I find that if i am spending 10 to 40 hours on one website, an obnoxious website can make that experience go from bad to worse. Generally, something nice and clean is always preferable. The look of a website can also be a good indicator of how much the owner cares about the website, and thus how much they care about their customers.

3. Customer Feedback

It might seem obvious to check the customer feedback of an online business, but you would be surprised at the number of people who give out their credit card information to a shady company without even considering the legitimacy of the company. Keep in mind that a lack of feedback is just that. It is neither a good omen nor a bad omen, it just means either the company has no negative feedback or is relatively new.

4. Price

This part of the search is pretty straight forward. Since most of the websites are selling the same course, there’s not necessarily a “You get what you pay for” mentality. Most websites will be offering the course for about the same price, but there is a way to get more for less. Some websites provide study guides ($49.00 value) and standard books (up to $150.00 value) free of charge with the price of enrollment. The bottom line is some websites offer more than others for the same price, so shop around.


Choosing an online safety course provider can be a daunting task, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you should find it to be easy and rewarding. I hope this has helped you.


Source by Chad Marshman

Top Causes of Car Accidents

Experts state that the major causes of car accidents are driver distractions. Dangerous distractions that can lead to an accident include cell phones and other gadgets that drivers use as they drive. Cell phones, laptops, electric razors, etc. causes drivers to take their eyes off the road for seconds at a time with the potential to cause a serious, if not deadly, accident. In response to this, some states in the US have banned the use of hand-held cell phones while people are driving. The alternative is to use a hands free ear bud that is lightweight and comfortable, and allows a driver to carry on a conversation without diversions.

Another dangerous distraction is when a driver who has been drinking and then attempts to drive. The effects of alcohol can and does raise havoc behind the while. Anyone with a blood alcohol level of .01 is considered unfit to drive. The effects of driving while intoxicated include drowsiness, loss of focus and the inability to judge distances and reaction times.

Rubbernecking and tailgating are other potentially dangerous habits that many practice while driving. Rubbernecking occurs when drivers slow down to look at another accident on the road or anything that looks unusual on the highway. When a driver slows a car down too quickly, the driver in the car behind often times doesn’t have enough time to slow down or stop and runs into the back of the vehicle in the lead. Rear end collisions can lead to serious injuries. The same applies for tailgating in that a driver who is following a car too closely may not have enough distance to stop suddenly, and the potential for a serious accident is eminent.

A driver’s behavior causes many accidents; still others are caused by mechanical failure or road conditions. There are technical solutions that are available to help with these problems and have contributed to a decline in the death rates caused by automobile accidents. They include proximity monitors that let a driver know how close they are to the vehicle ahead; sobriety detectors, that measure the amount of alcohol that a driver has consumed and drifting monitors that alert a driver when his or her car drifts too far to one side of the road or the other.


Source by Eric Morris

Basic Apartment Repair Tips

Admittedly, you’re no Bob Vila. But you’d be surprised how easy basic apartment repairs can be, especially those that are too small to bother your apartment community’s maintenance department about. Besides, odds are good you’ll want to give your apartment a thorough once-over before changing addresses in order to ensure you get your full deposit back. So where to start? With the basics, of course!

Take a look around your apartment and make a list of things that need attention. Have you replaced that long-burned-out light bulb yet? Has your cat scratched some holes in the bedroom doorframe? These are both relatively easy fixes, but can easily get overlooked in the day-to-day hustle of apartment living. Make sure the replacement bulb is the correct wattage to avoid fires, and apply a fresh coat of stain to the doorframe base. Helpful hint – try using a sock to applying the stain, as it will likely help soak into the scratched crevices left by your furry friend.

How are your apartment blinds looking? Plastic blinds have a tendency to break easily, and you’ll be amazed what a difference fresh blinds can make in the overall feel of your home. The price difference between ‘cheap’ and ‘decent’ blind models is usually around $10, so go for the better version when possible. You’ll thank yourself later.

Give your walls a look – is the paint getting thin? A fresh coat works wonders for not only making your apartment ‘look like new’, but also can transform the overall aesthetic of your home’s style. If you notice any holes in the walls from a previous tenant’s framed photos (or your ill-fated attempt at hanging shelves), odds are good it is an easy and cheap fix. Ask your local hardware store to point you in the right direction for some drywall filler and you’ll be in business in no time flat.

Remember, if a problem seems beyond your grasp or is seriously impeding your day-to-day life, be sure and bring it to your apartment community manager’s attention. But by taking the bull by the horns on smaller projects, you’ll not only save time but will also have the personal satisfaction of a job well-done. High-five!


Source by Trey Huguley