Snow/Ice/cold adventure – travel from Vancouver (BC) to Inuvik (NWT) in January – over 7000km

Travel from Vancouver thru three Canadian provinces (British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories) to Inuvik. With North Arctic Circle behind we have controlled dog-sled, have seen Northern Lights and over 40 000 caribou in one place. We drove and slept in our amazing car – THE Volvo – even if sometimes temperature went down to -34°C we could still enjoy every minute of quiet wilderness.

Dorset Toopers Adventure Wonderland

Dorset Toopers Adventure Wonderland

Dorset Troopers at Adventure Wonderland near Bournemouth Airport.

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Adventure Travel Business Veteran Dave Wiggins Testimonial on Tourism Tim Warren

Dave Wiggins an Adventure Travel Business Veteran Shares Testimonial on Tourism Tim Warren



Lucyfor and her new pet Doggy

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Far East Adventure Travel Best of “Live” Typhoon Alley-Taiwan

I always get asked when is the best time to visit Taiwan. I always respond with almost anytime if you don’t mind hot weather, rain, or an occasional typhoon. For most the idea of spending their vacation in a place where typhoons regularly develop between May and November is a scary proposition. If you do ever find yourself traveling in Taiwan during those months, and I’ve met many people who have found themselves in that position, consider yourself lucky to be in one of the safest and most well equipped places in the world where typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, all the same thing, occur. Because of the country’s history and experience with typhoons they have become one of the best prepared nations in the world to minimize injury and fatalities. If you ask most Taiwanese about typhoons most will shrug them off as a regular occurrence that only requires staying put inside, watching TV or renting a karaoke room with friends and waiting until the typhoon is no longer a threat, usually only a few hours. So if you should ever find yourself in Taiwan when a typhoon warning has been announced, just make sure you have some extra food, snacks or water, something to keep you entertained in your hotel room, a flashlight and a battery pack for your phone, in case of a power outage, and a little patience to wait out the storm. Perhaps even an expectation that you might be delayed a day while transportation around the island gets back to normal. Unless you happen to be on one of the outer islands where tourists are often evacuated off of before a typhoon approaches the area, you’ll at the most be inconvenienced. If you can carry the same attitude that Taiwanese do, you’ll just sit back, appreciate the force of mother nature, and let the typhoon pass by. You’ll also take away a unique travel experience and a story that you’ll never get tired of telling. In this episode some highlights of my live streams and coverage of two recent typhoons in Taiwan, Meranti and Melakas.

Adventures Close to home

Adventures Close to home

This time I quoted a the slits song. I hope I’ll have the time to develope this little series of characters into a larger teenage-outlaw-gang…

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Mr Nice Guy

I have one motto, “Nice guys finish first (except in football)”. It is not much of a motto, but I do try to live it. I have taught my son, “It doesn’t cost you anything to be nice to someone”, and it is true. How can it be that something so easy to do, and so cheap to execute, be so positive?

That is easy to answer if you happen to be the recipient of someone being nice to you. Having someone do you a good deed or a kind gesture can make your whole day if you are on the receiving end. If a total stranger can make your day by being nice, think how many people’s lives you could positively affect just by being nice to them. The thought literally boggles the mind.

If each and every one of us performed just one good deed per day, like the Boy Scouts try to do, it would change the world. Tensions between people would be slashed, blood pressures would drop. People would relax and enjoy life for the blessing it truly is.

Is it really all that easy? Well, yes, and no. The concept of it is easy to grasp, but the practice is not so easy. In order to be nice to someone, you actually have to be able to think outside your personal bubble. You have to come out of your shell, and be aware of the other people around you.

Lately this is getting harder and harder to do, everyone has a cell phone, i-pod, or P.D.A., etc. occupying their attention. It is very easy to get wrapped up in yourself, and not notice other people.

It really is easy to be a nice guy. In the course of a normal day there are many times when you can be nice to someone if you are on the look out. Just try not to get too wrapped up in yourself, your worries, and problems.

All it takes to make some one’s day is to hold a door, smile and say good morning when you pass someone, offer the use of your cell phone for someone stranded on the side of the road; the possibilities are endless. All it takes is for you to be aware of other people, and to do something nice when the situation allows it.

There is something strange about being nice to people, it spreads.


Source by Michael Muehleisen

[1080p] Travel Saga With Timelapse In Japan 2016, 일본 사가 타임랩스

[1080p] Travel Saga With Timelapse In Japan, 일본 사가 타임랩스
일본 사가현의 2016 열기구 세계선수권, 일본정원 미후네야마 라쿠엔 등이 담겨 있는 영상입니다
Film by 자유분방(younha hwang)

Drop Bear Adventures

Drop Bear Adventures

Fraser Island Adventure Tours

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