Day 33/365 – Found this old abandoned house near the junkyard that I went to with my friend. Thought this door looked neat because it was so old and weathered.

Life is like one big adventure!

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Travel Compression Socks – What They Are and Why You Need Them

Travel compression socks have served savvy travelers well over the last few decades. Their ability to decrease leg pain on international flights is legendary. There are varying strengths of compression, ranging from 10-50 mmHg (millimeters of mercury). In most countries you can buy any compression socks over the counter that is 20 mmHg and under; anything over this amount will require a prescription from your doctor.

A word to the wise: compression socks should not be used by diabetics, as they will greatly increase blood circulation in your legs and feet..

Travel compression socks real value is witnessed on long international flights, and once you begin using them, you’ll never go back. I recommend packing two or three pairs on your next trip: one for the flight there, another for any time spent at altitudes over 3000 meters, and a third for any strenuous activities that may cause soreness on your legs (e.g. hiking, biking or jogging).

If you purchased non-prescription strength travel compression socks, you can wear them all day; if you got them from your doctor, you should consult them regarding proper use. It is worth repeating that diabetics should not wear these socks.

Many travelers will also use compression socks when hiking, especially in high altitudes. It is safe to wear them throughout the day (if they are over the counter) and many people enjoy them even when they aren’t traveling.

Alright, enough about the health benefits, what about fashion? Don’t sweat it; compression socks range from knee-high to ankle. Heck, they even sell pantyhose style socks now!


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Egypt Adventure Travel Pyramids | Archaeology Alive

Join writer, host and Egyptophile Laura Ranieri at as she ventures off the beaten tourist path, south from Giza and Sakkara through seldom visited tombs, pyramids, temples and the lost city of Akhenaten to finally arrive at the magnificent wonders of Luxor. With rare footage of tomb reliefs and remote villages, this unique video provides a glimpse of Egypt today — and long ago! For Egyptologist -led Tour info for 2012:

Adventure Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium

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Adventure Travel in Colombia – San Gil & Barichara

This week we’re in Colombia’s adventure capital, San Gil. We go caving, explore a park and even jump off of the side of a mountain! Check it out!

Learn more about long-term and indefinite travel on our blog:

GoPro footage of this video was stabilized using the Feiyu-Tech G4 Gimbal:

Follow our journey!

Chilean Adventure

Chilean Adventure

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Is World Ventures Worth Checking Out or Should You Stay Away?

Seeing as that a common question that most people who are brand new to the MLM industry have when evaluating a potential company is “Is this a scam?”, so I wanted to take a couple of hours to research a relative newcomer in the notorious multi-level marketing travel industry that has a lot of people wondering if it’s a good opportunity or not. The company I reviewed is World Ventures, so here’s what I found which I hope will help you in determining for yourself, “Is World Ventures a legitimate buiness opportunity or a scam?”.

Too bad you paid for your whole seat, because you’re only going to need the edge for this one…

Here are the most crucial things to review with any network marketing company you’re thinking about joining:

1. Does the company offer a real service and/or product?

2. Does the service or product provide real value to people even if they’re not involved with the company as a representative? Simply, would people still buy it even if they did not earn a commission (We’ll go over the World Ventures LTC and Dream Trips programs in-depth soon)?

This is the most critical part of any serious evaluation, and World Ventures is no exception because if the service or product doesn’t hold up to scrutiny, than every other aspect of a network marketing like World Ventures doesn’t matter.

Would you agree?

World Ventures travel products: Do they provide real value?

The Dream Trips product currently sells for a $199.95 fee up-front and $24.99 per month after that. The concept behind this product is the same as Costco or Sam’s Club. They buy in bulk and their customer’s get access to discounted vacation packages in exchange for their monthly membership fee. According to the World Ventures website, there are approximately 70 different trips for their members to choose from.

Are the travel packages worth it or are they a scam?

It would be very time-consuming to compare all of the vacation packages that are typically being offered by World Ventures to properly determine the value, but the few prices I audited were actually pretty impressive when I compared them to some of the top online travel booking sites.

One vacation I compared was to Cabo San Lucas at the Riu Palace (yes, please!). For two adults, this vacation cost about $760 with World Ventures via the Dream Trips product and Travelocity was almost $200 more expensive at about $950.

Another comparison I ran was for a Jamaican vacation at the Grand Lido Braco resort. This trip for two adults was priced at about $890 through the Dream Trips product with World Ventures and Travelocity came in around $1050. So in these two examples at least, the savings were pretty substantial.

In the spirit of comparing “apples-to-apples”, there were some more extravagant vacations listed that couldn’t be easily compared due to the fact that they included extras that couldn’t be purchased through some of the major travel sites, or they didn’t show the price unless you were a World Ventures customer.

Based on the numbers so far, it sounds like most World Ventures customers would recoup their Dream Trips membership cost with the money they’d save by booking their first vacation. Please keep in mind that this article isn’t an exhaustive Dateline NBC-type investigation since I only reviewed 2 of the almost 70 Dream Trips to a major travel booking site, but based on the numbers so far, I think it’s fair to say that people who take at least one good vacation per year would get a lot value out of their World Ventures membership.

The “World Ventures Scam” is looking unfounded so far…

World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant Package (LTC)

The World Ventures LTC package also sells for an up-front fee of $199.95 and $24.99 per after that. The best way to think about it would be as an online travel business-in-a-box. The start-up fee includes your own online retail travel website, web-based travel learning courses along with an exam, and opportunities for higher-level travel industry training. Cutting edge marketing training excluded, from what I can tell they give their LTC’s many of the tools they’ll need to build a thriving online business in the travel industry.

I was also extremely impressed by the Rovia search engine because, after using it for a while and seeing how it searches all the other major sites, I could see how World Ventures’ claims of not needing to search multiple sites to get the best deal could be very true.

Speaking of getting the best price, they also have a “Match or Beat” price guarantee for online vacation bookings against Priceline, Travelocity, Expedia, and Orbitz which could be a very positive marketing tool for someone who is working to build a network marketing with World Ventures.

Common claim of why World Ventures is a “scam”: World Ventures Leisure Travel Consultant program is essentially a “travel agent card mill”?

Over the past 10 years or so, there have been a few MLM companies that have tried to take advantage of the undeniable fact that a rapidly growing amount of travel is booked through the internet. Unfortunately for their customers, these companies didn’t really provide much real value and left them with “a bone to pick” with the entire network marketing travel industry.

What these companies were doing was they were selling a cheap plastic card to their customers that allowed people to get discounts as if they were licensed travel agents when they technically weren’t. This is where the term “card mills” came from.

It’s kind of like those B.S. scam “courses” that are conducted in international waters where a school will issue you a college degree in an afternoon for a fee. Super, you got a piece of paper that says you’re a qualified engineer in Kazakhstan. Very nice!

I’m happy to say that I didn’t see anything on their website or in their marketing materials which would show that they’ve gone this route with their Leisure Travel Consultant program. Actually, World Ventures went a step further and made it so that LTC’s can’t get this card until they’ve booked a standard number of travel sales along with completing additional training similar to what offline agents must do.

It’s important to keep in mind that the company’s product is a discount based on their buying in bulk and not by giving everyone travel agent discount cards like some less-than-reputable network marketing travel companies have done in the past.

I hope this has helped provide some insight into World Ventures as a company and will help you figure out for yourself if it’s a scam or not.

(Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with World Ventures in an way and am providing unbiased information along with my opinion based on 10 years in the MLM industry.)


Source by Brian Rakowski

20X Time Lapse Driving from New Stanton To Robinson Twp. PA and Wexford (over 4 hours)

This is a night after work when I drove to the Robinson Township, PA REI Store to see a presentation on Mountain Biking by the Explorers Club of Pittsburgh. I believe it was February 13, 2017. I started recording 20X Time Lapse when I left work in New Stanton, PA around 4PM, and finished recording when I arrived home close to 9PM. It starts out daylight and ends dark. While parked in the parking lot near REI you can see some airplanes moving very fast. This is near Pittsburgh International Airport.

Adventure in Liguria 005

Adventure in Liguria 005

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Guatemala’s magnificent seven volcano trekking holiday with KE Adventure Travel

Hike to the summits of 7 Guatemalan volcanoes including Tajumulco (4220m) Central America’s highest peak. . Chill out and relax in Antigua and Lake Atitlan and best of all; all meals guide and services are included.