TRAVEL AUSTRALIA: Palm Beach, Sydney | Barrenjoey Timelapse

About an hour’s drive from the North West of Sydney, Palm Beach is the place to be for fishing, swimming or even photography if you like.

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Going on a dolly adventure with my BFF decided to bring my current "fave" with me , I love her!

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Argentina Road Trip Driving Route January 2017 – Brinno time-lapse drive-lapse

We didn’t drive much in January 2017 since we were busy house-sitting for much of the month in Salta, Argentina. Even though we were only driving around for 5 days and drove a mere 320 miles, it was an absolutely spectacular drive, world-class even. The loop we did took us from Salta to Cafayete through the Quebrada de las Conchas. Then we headed north on Argentina’s famous RN-40, a mostly unpaved National highway in these parts through the Calchaquí Valley, passing the spectacular Quebrada de Las Flechas up to Molinos and the beautiful Colome bodegas winery. Then we continued onto Cachi and crossed Cardones National Park across the Andes eventually dropping down to Salta and the Valle de Lerma from Cuesta del Obispo.



This is a set of photos which I’m currently working on at Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore. These are the sights around the campus through my eyes and I’ll be adding on to the set as and when I capture something new.

The adventure park provides a learning experience for…. well, the adventurous.

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[Australia Travel] All Around Australia Travel! (Time-lapse)

Goldcoast – Brisbane – Tangalooma – Fraser Island – Whitsundays – Whitehaven – Hamilton Island – Portdouglas – Cairns – Melbourne – Sydney

Adventures In Solitude

Adventures In Solitude

Snoqualmie River – Snoqualmie, Washington.

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Time Lapse Car Travel – Northern Mexico

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas to Sombrerete, Zacatecas

7 Things To Talk About With A Girl That Make Her Like You

What follows here are 7 things to talk about with a girl. These things will lead her to have a more positive view of you and in turn get her to like you. The topics are particularly useful for the guy that runs into the trouble of not knowing what to say to girl to keep the conversation going while keeping it interesting enough for her to want to continue talking to him.

If you know what to talk about with a girl, then it will make it easier to get her number and take her on a date. If you fall apart during conversation and blank out, then she’s not likely to be attracted to you and consequently won’t care to see you again. With that being said, here are some great topics.

1 – Passions: Talking about your and her passions makes the conversation interesting, positive and help you better get to know each other. Realize that this is very different from asking what someone does for a living because what they do to make ends meet isn’t necessarily what they’re passionate about. In relation to this, specifically ask her what makes her excited to get out of bed in the morning.

2 – Travel: Travel often makes for really good conversation because people always have great stories around where they’ve been. A great way to ask girl about travel is to ask about the coolest places she’s been to in the last few years; or you can just tell her a great story about one of your travel experiences.

3 – Music: Of course you can very well talk to a girl about general favorites like movies and food and all, but people tend to have really strong opinions when it comes to the music they like which again make for good conversation. You can ask her what the last song she listened to was that she really enjoyed and why she enjoyed it – did it remind her of something in particular?

4 – Your friends and hers: Bringing up something really interesting about one of your friends or asking her about her friends tends to season things quite a bit as it gives both of you a little added perspective about each other and a sense of the kind of people you both like to be around.

5 – Your most wild experiences: When conversation gets even more personal, you can talk about some of your wild and adventurous experiences. What are some of the more crazy things that you’ve done in your life? Perhaps it was skydiving, or getting to meet one of your favorite celebrities. You can ask about some of the things that she has crossed off her bucket list.

6 – Turn offs and pet-peeves: For some reason, people just love to talk about their pet-peeves. There seems to be something therapeutic about it. Find out what it is that makes her tick. If you can connect on something that makes you both tick, then it will create a bond between the two of you; this can only be a good thing.

7 – Ask for her advice or opinion: Generally speaking, people love to give advice. Take any opportunity you get to ask for her advice or opinion. You’re going to make her feel special because by doing this, you’re sub-communicating that you value her intellect.

So there you have it; these are seven topics you can use to build a foundation on which to develop your conversation skills with women.


Source by Sebastian Lahm

Adventure Awaits

Adventure Awaits

Took this the other day when i went for a walk at Llandegla but i was taking shelter from the horrible rain.

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