8 Game-Changing Mobile App Trending Categories in 2017

The mobile-first world has brought a series of game-changing market opportunities for enterprises. Apps have become a prime information source for people ranging from buying movie tickets, online shopping, making payments, scheduling routine tasks and much more. From education to entertainment, business to banking, travel to health care, a range of categories has come into existence. Adhering the same, here are the top and most evolving 8 trending categories of 2017 to consider for your next project.

Online Shopping

Nowadays, popular online shopping apps are greatly stimulating the trend of mobile shopping. It helps the users to shop the desired items just by downloading it. With advanced search options on the basis of different categories, age group, prize, special discounts and other festive offers you can help users for making their online shopping trouble-free and faster.

On-demand Service

From shipping your package during holidays to booking an instant car ride, on-demand services apps perform functions that make the human lives simpler. These are a subset of traditional sharing and delivery services. Popular on-demand services are emerging as a reliable, highly accessible source of technology-enabled transportation for people, thereby easing their daily lives.

GPS Navigation

Numerous highly accessible, highly informative navigation maps have come into the picture by now which, offer real-time traffic updates, turn-by-turn directions, bicycle routes and view offline maps as well. Moreover, there is a series of apps that help in planning your most convenient road trip, finding the quickest route to reach your destination and avoid on-route traffic jams.

Business Enhancement

Mobile apps come with such a range of long-term lucrative benefits. Owing to this fact, many organisations are trying to develop powerful mobile applications which, try to simplify their intricate work processes. Enterprise, hybrid, cloud-based, small business, security oriented and many more advanced features promote businesses to a whole new horizon for exploring their growth.

Social Media Networking

Social networking apps hold a great place in both the Play Stores these days. Most of the smartphone users like to access their social media profiles via them instead of using the desktop versions. Moreover, social media networking apps help users to stay connected with the social contacts from anywhere at anytime.


Messaging is also one of the top trending categories in 2017. The reason for their increasing popularity is its free availability along with other powerful features such as video, voice call, chatting and much more for communicating and connecting efficiently, easily and quickly. Furthermore, most of the messaging applications these days facilitate regular updates along with high-end features which, enhance the usability experience.


Gaming is one of the most profitable and popular categories of recent times and entrepreneurs are seeing it as a great money-making opportunity. Based on the various effective revenue models, gaming applications are generating huge revenues in the recent times by using various ways like paid or free usage, in-game item purchases as well.


While listing the top trending categories of 2017, music apps are gaining wide acceptance. Many music apps are available at both the App Stores which, allow users to listen to their favourite tracks and watch videos both online and offline. With the help of online streaming, users can get access to a range of unmatched features like sharing music with friends, creating playlists and much more.

Final word

These popular trending categories have gain wide momentum by so far in this digital world. Needless to say, entrepreneurs are having a great scope of making money by developing highly intuitive and need-specific mobile apps. However, professional assistance is a necessity when it comes to the development process. Thus, it is highly significant to discuss your specific requirements with an acclaimed app development company for proper development and sustained success.


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4 Of the Best Beaches in Bali

Best Beach for Snorkelling

Because most of the beaches on the island of Bali have such incredible surf and waves, this does not make them ideal for snorkelling. However, if you travel to the east of the island to Padangbai, you will find three beaches with paradise white sand and calm, clear waters. This quiet sleepy fishing village doesn’t attract so many visitors, meaning the beaches are often quiet and peaceful. Bloo Lagoon beach, located near the Bloo Lagoon eco-resort just over the hill to the left, has the best snorkelling, with calm clear waters, scattered rocks and coral. Amongst the sea life you can expect to see Napolean Wrasse, reef sharks, stonefish, moray, rays, squid, octopus and blue ribbon eels. There is also a beautiful, secluded white sand beach over the hill to the right of the town, which is lined with palm trees and is the closest thing to a tropical island paradise.

Best Beach for People Watching

If you’re looking for a beach full of beautiful people, with plenty of bars and restaurants and activities going on, then Seminyak is the beach for you. Whilst the long sandy beach isn’t as idyllic as some of the others on the island, it is great for people watching, attracting hundreds of tourists looking for fun in the sun. Seminyak’s beach is an extension of Kuta Beach and is a long stretch of flat, compact sand with rolling waves perfect for learning to surf or having a go on a boogie board. You can lie back on a sun lounger with a Bintang or if you’re feeling a bit more energetic, play a game of bat and ball. Seminyak’s beach has one of the best views of the sunset, so if you can afford the price tag, have a cocktail and watch the sun go down from Ku De Ta, Bali’s world-famous bar.

Best Beach for Ultimate Relaxation

Few backpackers have heard of this beach, but Balangan, down in the south of the island past Jimbaran, is one of the ultimate for relaxing and letting your cares fade away. This sandy beach is lined with palm trees and is also a great spot for skilled surfers, with glassy waves rolling in over the coral reef. You can relax on a sun lounger in front of one of the beach shacks with a banana milkshake and a view of the surf, or go for a swim in one of the many natural rock pools. As the tide goes out you can go for a wander over the reef to get a closer view of the surfers in action. Balangan is a peaceful, tropical beach which will make you feel like you’re a million miles away from reality.

Best Beach for Experienced Surfers

Uluwatu, at the southern tip of Bali, is famous for its temple perched dramatically on the cliffs. Tourists flock to Uluwatu to see the band of monkeys that run around the temple complex, and to witness the traditional dance performance at sunset. But Uluwatu is also the most famous spot in Bali for experienced surfers, offering perfect waves during high season when the swell is good. Pantai Suluban is sheltered by steep cliffs, so on a windy day it’s perfect if you want to avoid getting sand in your eyes. Set in the cliffs are several warungs serving traditional Indonesian food like Nasi Goreng and banana pancakes, as well as a couple of ding repair shops and shops selling surf wear. Sit and enjoy the incredible views with a spot of lunch or climb down the steep steps to the shingle beach where you’ll find cool caves and rock pools.


Source by Victoria Brewood

Adventure no3

Adventure no3

‘We capered in a Catacomb’

please note:
Catacomb capering should only be done under adult supervision and with the Catacomb owners permission.

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Timelapse Driving between Hampton Roads Virginia and Northeast Ohio 2011

This video is a timelapse of me driving from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to my parents house in North East Ohio for Christmas 2011. Camera was a GoPro mounted on the window taking a picture every 5 seconds in full HD. This was a bit of a test so suggestions to make it better would be welcome.

There was a slight hangup at the Maryland boarder so I didn’t get that. The drive normally takes about 9.5 hours, and is about 500 miles.

I couldn’t decide on what music to use so I didn’t put any on it.

Flying a Float Plane: Benefits and Downsides

Flying a float plane may not be as difficult as you think. With a few flight training sessions at a flight school near you, you may be living your dream quicker than you realize.

What Kind of License is Needed in Canada?

Once you have your Private Pilot License, all you’d require is an additional rating certificate to be permitted to fly a float plane. In order to fly a seaplane, the pilot must finish a minimum of an additional 7 hours of float plane flight training, which include at least 5 hours of training with your Flight Instructor and at least 5 take-offs and 5 landings as a solo pilot of the airplane. If you are flying a 2-crew aircraft, you will then need to have the 5 take-offs and landings as the Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft.

What Kind of License is Needed in the United States?

If you want to get your Airplane – Single Engine Seaplane (ASES) rating, you will need approximately 6-10 hours of pilot training with your Flight Instructor regarding the matter of taxiing and sailing, docking, mooring and also beaching. You will also need to be trained in take-offs and landings with various weather and water conditions including normal, glassy, rough and crosswind variations. Emergency operations are important and will need to be studied. Lastly, a successful completion of a flight check examination with an FAA approved Designated Pilot Examiner. (D.P.E.)

What are the Benefits to Flying a Float Plane?

The first and main advantage is: accessibility. There are many landing stripes for pilots to use, but there are even more water locations for seaplane pilots! Think about it: The rough and wild of practically any location can act as your landing spot. Buy that remote cottage and have access to your own private dock.

The other benefit to flying a float plane is regarding the ease of being able to almost always take-off or land directly into the wind. Since you are not limited to a runway, you can use the water surface benefits which mean an easier landing and a quicker take-off.

What is the Downside?

Well, water has a lot of drag and friction… and being water, it means your runway is almost constantly moving. That adds some complications.

The other downside is the added cost of a float plane. When you think of the costs and actually put them down on paper, you note that you could actually purchase a land plane AND a brand new Mercedes for the same cost of a seaplane. This means you could actually buy that brand new Mercedes and leave it at the airport and use it to drive to your cottage as a cheaper option than buying a float plane.

What are the costs?

The upside is that float plane costs have dropped considerably in the last few years. The best advice is to sit back and see what comes up on the market. The current trend seems to indicate that the longer you wait, the lower the price will be.

Take Action

The best thing you can do right now is to just commit to getting out there and taking a practice flight on a float plane. A good flight instructor will give you some great opportunities to see what the world could look like if you were a part of the float plane club. If you think being a Float Plane Pilot may be exciting, I assure you that it is… and probably far more than you think! Check out a flight school in your area for more information.


Source by Paul W King

Sagittarius, The Archer, As A Lover

Sagittarius men are passionate and intense lovers, but he has a tendency to burn-out early on in the relationship leaving you broken-hearted as he dashes off looking for a new interest to fan his passion. Sag faces the truth straight-on, he doesn’t dilly-dally around; he adores women and with his boyish grin, you will be smitten.

The duality of Sag compels him to explore his own mind – he sometimes comes off as loud and active aiming his arrows at anything false and pretentious, he will ask many questions to see if you are genuine. Shy or pushy, he will gaze out at the world with a measuring eye for truth.

When in love, the Archer, wants to tell you everything and show you everything – all at one time until you’re begging for a ‘little time out.’ He will shower you gifts, he will want to take you to the best places, and he will entertain you for hours. His ravenous drive and desire to keep you entertained will keep you looking forward to a good nights rest so you can be ready for tomorrow.

His energy and sense of adventure – along with his good nature, makes him so much fun to be around. You will never have to worry about jealousy from the Sag Man, he doesn’t know what it is – however, he does have a tendency to think that you are as taken with him as he is with you – it’s his nature; when ignored or put off he plays that game better than any woman alive.

Sagittarius men are often seen as every man’s ‘best friend’ because he’s never met a stranger – he will talk to the first person he sees in the morning or the last one he sees at night and you will just have to stay near at hand or he just might forget that you came with him.

As his partner, you will be free to live your life as you see fit – as long as his needs and desires are met along the way, once they are, you can move about at will. You can even go on extended vacations, he is very generous with his time and usually his money, however, he’ll demand the same from you. If you aren’t able to deal with that type of open and free partnership with Sag at the helm, Sag is probably not for you.

Overall, you will have a happy relationship with Sag Man if you can keep up with him, allow him room to roam, and time with his friends (many of whom won’t be yours). Life will never be boring, change will be a constant in your life, sometimes hard on kids – but never the same two days in a row.

Keep your sense of humor, and your walking shoes handy, and hang-on, the Archer can give you the time of your life – a lot of fun, excitement, and adventure – if you want a friend and a lover, he very well could be the one.

Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them. ~ Logan Pearsall Smith. There is no sign as charming or as outrageous as Sagittarius.


Source by Darlene Peltz



This is my entry in the weekly challenge – 52 weeks of photos project – week 42, adventure.

Seven weeks from today we will be leaving on our next adventure – we have booked an 8 day tour of rural France taking in the landing beaches of Normandy and we then fly to the UK where we have booked some cottages and hired a car for 60 days. We will also be catching up with some of my Flickr friends once again and I cannot wait to see them again.

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Sunrise in Thailand Timelapse

Thailand time lapse sunrise video. Beautiful sea and absolute silence. True relax moment. My first travel to Thailand. Sunrise on the beach. Enjoy it! Please Subscribe, Comment, Like and Share.

Caribbean Cruise Weather – Best and Worst Months to Go

Caribbean cruise weather has fewer risks for vacationers planning a trip at sea rather than spending a week on an island for a simple reason — the ship can move away from bad weather while an island can’t.

Someone may one day invent detachable islands, but in the meantime vacationers should consider two major factors related to weather in planning a cruise. First is the annual Caribbean hurricane season and second is the temperature drop during the winter — especially for the sea water.

Hurricane Season

The hurricane season runs from June 1 until November 30, but the region has on average few storms in June and November. July averages three storms, while August, September and October average four, according to the U.S. National Weather Service.

Storms in August and October have a moderate risk of developing into hurricanes while September has the highest risk of all.

For these reasons, September is the worst month of the year to take a cruise. April and May are excellent times to go because they are outside of the hurricane season, although some Caribbean destinations see more rainfall than normal in May.

Families considering a cruise with children on summer break should take advantage of June in particular because of the lower storm risk, followed by July.

Air and Water Temperatures

The Caribbean has a reputation for year-round warmth. While it’s mostly true, there are some modest variations in temperature from month to month. Air and water temperatures are noticeably cooler in the northern climates during the winter, which makes a Bahamas cruise less appealing from December through February.

Anyone interested in taking a Caribbean cruise in the winter should consider a southern cruise as a better option for warmer weather than either an eastern or western cruise.

Eastern, Western or Southern?

Each of the three major destinations has varying conditions by month. Western cruises in particular are known for heavy rainfall in the interiors of the Central American countries that lie along the Caribbean coast, such as Costa Rica and Belize.

The wet interiors are a major factor in planning day-long excursions to Mayan ruins, cave tubing, zip lining, etc. The same is largely true of the Mexican island of Cozumel.

Despite the heavy fall rains, western cruises tend to be more popular in the fall than eastern in part because the Central American destinations see fewer effects from hurricanes.

No matter which cruise you take, know that the risk of bad weather goes up in the fall and that whether you like to swim or lie on the beach will be sorely tested if you visit the more northern destinations in the winter.


Source by Scott Bateman

Russian Superstitions

Russians are very superstitious people. They will deny this, but it is true. These superstitions affect my life on a daily basis. Most of the time they are harmless and I go along with them to humor my wife. Sometimes I tease her about them.

New superstitions pop up all the time, as new situations arise in our life. I keep telling her that I need a rulebook for them. Perhaps someday I will codify them in a book.

Russians are raised with these superstitions so they have no need to consult a manual.

Here are some of them. It is by no means an exhaustive list:

1) You can’t whistle in the house or car, as they believe that you are whistling away your money.

At a dinner party at our house, a friend of mine started whistling. My wife silenced him immediately. She explained to him, “You can whistle in your own house, but you can’t whistle in mine. In my house, it’s my money you are whistling away.”

When she first came to America, she would see people standing at intersections holding signs. She asked me what they were doing. I told her they were asking for money. She asked me why. I told her that they had done entirely too much whistling in their house for their own good.

2) If you step on your spouse’s shoe by accident, you have to let the other person step on your shoe, or you will have an argument.

I never tested this superstition. It seemed easier to go along with the remedy than pay the price for violating it.

3) If you leave your house, you cannot go back inside for something you have forgotten, or your trip will result in ‘nothing good,’ as my wife says.

4) If you must go back in to get the forgotten item, you can try to mitigate the bad effects of returning by looking into the mirror at your own reflection for a moment before you leave again.

5) Never demonstrate another’s surgery or wound on your own body with your hand or other means as you are likely to visit that upon yourself.

In the few times I have done this, my wife has tried to remedy this by wiping away the spot where I made the imaginary incision with her hand, blowing on her hand to blow it away to the wind, and covering it with the sign of the cross.

6) Never give a Russian woman an even number of flowers. Even numbers are for the dead. Always give odd numbers. When you order a dozen, or two dozen roses, for her, ask them to throw in an extra one for good luck.

7) Never give yellow flowers to a Russian woman. It signifies infidelity and may mean that your relationship will not last.

8) Never give a watch as a gift to a Russian woman. Time is running out on your relationship.

9) Never give knives or handkerchiefs as gifts. I don’t know the reason for this one.

10) Never celebrate a birthday early. You are pushing your luck.

11) Don’t show your newborn baby to strangers until after forty days. They are waiting for their soul to arrive and they may take on another’s soul or energy during that time.

12) It’s best to cut your hair or nails during a full moon.

13) It’s considered bad luck to shave or cut your hair when a family member is in danger or bad health.

14) Whenever someone praises you or offers a positive comment, you knock on wood or imaginarily spit three times over your left shoulder so that you are not jinxed by the comment.

15) Do not shake hands or kiss over the threshold of a door. It forms a bridge that allows the devil or evil spirits from the outside to enter the house this way. When I have done this by mistake, my wife usually pushes me back outside or pulls me inside before greeting me with a kiss at the front door.

16) Before anyone takes a long trip, the whole family sits together silently for a few minutes before the traveler leaves.

17) The truly superstitious have been known to eat ‘lucky’ bus tickets, when the sum of the left three numbers equals the sum of the three numbers on the right.

18) Recently, while preparing to give my infant daughter a bath, the little tyke peed on me while I was taking her clothes off. My wife laughed and said that it was good news. It meant that I would live to dance at my daughter’s wedding!

This list is not exhaustive by any means. Superstitions vary by country and locale. There is a popular Russian television show that travels around the country exploring the unique superstitions of each particular town or village.

Many of the superstitions came from folk tales or fairy stories, Russian Orthodox tradition, or had peasant or agricultural roots. Most Russians are only one or two generations from the farm or village.

At any rate, be aware of the superstitions and try to show some respect for them whether or not you believe in them. Your Russian friends will appreciate it.


Source by John Kunkle