Driving Timelapse – Post Falls, Idaho to Spokane, Washington – 9/4/12

This is a driving timelapse (my first in a LONG TIME!), filmed on 9/4/2012 from Post Falls, Idaho to Spokane, Washington, going westbound on Interstate 90.

In this video, you pass thru these cities:

Wisconsin Music Scene 1984-1987

I did forget in my last writing to tell you about the Bugle American and the Emerald City Chronicle which my friend Michael St. John started. These were free papers that gave us informative articles and where our favorite bands were playing. Both kept us in touch with the Music scene. Now on to 1984….Milwaukee.

Axe was rehearsing and writing. Management didn’t like what we were doing. It was time to take a break. I had family problems that brought me to Milwaukee. Bobby Barth and Michael Osbourne decided to go to Denver and rest and write. They left Gainesville, Fl and were driving. Michael used to talk our bus drivers to let him drive. He loved it. Well Bobby and Michael were in a Datson 280 Z. They got to Mobile AL. and a semi was entering highway 10 and Michael slammed into the back of it. Bobby was bent down sleeping in the passenger seat. He survived, Michael was killed immediately. Axe would never be the same. Michael was a major force in the group. Now what do I do…! Well Ken Adamany who was “Cheap Tricks” manager at the time said he had a band called “Bad Boy” who needed a professional drummer like me, but I would have to audition. After 34 drummers I got the gig. They had a new album out with “Cheat on Me” and “Thunder & Lightning” that was making some noise. I toured with the band for over a year.

My old manager finally let me out of my Axe contract, while Ken wanted me to sign with him. So, I called a meeting with the band. I said Ken will make $300,000.00 over the next 3 years for his commissions, we should ask for $25,000.00 for clothes , a nice vehicle to travel in (we were in a ’76 beat-up Ford LTD) and fix our monitors. It was a legitimate asking of the monies. We were playing Headliners in Madison, WI and discussed this the whole way.

We got to Madison and were in a meeting with Ken Adamany and I laid out our plan. After I was done Ken said that is a very logical idea, but Teddy all the other guys in the group already signed the contract. I was soooo mad. Their acting like this is what should be done, which it should be, but they already sold the soul…! Well, for 3 years they paid Ken and never got a Worldwide Recording Contract. Young musicians take note! The next night at the Sunset Bowl, I quit the band.

I was watching young talent in Milwaukee, So I started a band called Moxy Roxx. Mark Worpel on guitar, Brooke St James on guitar, and Chris Martinez on bass who I didn’t want. I wanted Carey Caelin on bass. but Chris begged me and I mean begged me! He will practice 10 hrs. a day. I said guitar players don’t make good bass players he said I’ll do it. His brother Tommy, owned the P.A. the lights and he said to me my brother Chris will do it Teddy. You own this town right now. I said we want to own the country not the town! I helped make Moxy Roxx a driving force in the Milwaukee music scene. Summerfest was a definite highlight. Marna who I met in Bad Boy was my partner and we were in love at the time. I introduced her to John Bon Jovi, Tommy Lee and all of Motely Crue, Judas Priest, Kiss, Queensryche, Winger, and more, she loved Rock ‘N Roll and I miss her-Rest in Peace Marna! Later I also had my friend Jay Davis call me and ask me if I knew any singers. Rod Stewarts band was looking for a singer to write with. I turned them onto Xeno, they flew him to L.A. He wrote with them and came back and Xeno did a radio interview and never gave me credit for me helping him. He acted like he did it…Wrong…I made that happen for him. Just for the record.

Moxy started to take the city by storm. Brooke and I used to say we did it. Nothing last month everything this month. Welcome to the entertainment business I said to him. We had huge crowds at Billy’s, the Jabberwoky, the Electric Ballroom, Pappagio’s, it was rockin! I built this to what it became, I then started a bad called the Machine and left the Misic Industry in ’87, We had fun yet I knew there were no stars here for me like I had in the past. Good Luck and Rock ‘n Roll Milwaukee. I moved to NYC and went into business!

Hope you enjoyed some insight into real Rock’N Roll and the Music Industry…..We’re not done, keep posted for more info!


Source by Teddy Mueller

Denmark Souvenirs – What to Bring Back From Denmark As a Souvenir

When traveling to new countries, the tendency is to buy souvenirs for friends, family and, of course, yourself. The problem is what type of souvenir to bring home. Well, when you come to Denmark or if you are just looking for some good Danish souvenirs, I have a couple of suggestions that have been winners for many of my friends and family. Below is a list of my favorite Danish souvenirs.

Souvenirs are only appreciated if the person you are giving them to has been to Denmark or cares about the place. A lot of the souvenirs like memorial plates, ashtrays, etc., will be put on the shelf by your family and will mean “nothing” to them. They will only mean something to you, because you visited Denmark. I always suggest bringing home interesting food products that are not available back home. Here are a few fun and tasty treats to take back:

1. Flødeboller: These are chocolate-covered marshmallow cream balls on a cookie base. They are popular on top of ice cream, but can be eaten by themselves. You can get them at almost all grocery stores for about 15 -20 kroner for a box of 12 and I have yet to find anyone who does not love them.

2. “Pålægschokolade”: This comes in a small box with about 30 pieces in each box. Again, it can be found at all grocery stores. They are thin slices of chocolate and they are usually served on freshly baked bread that is warm. If the bread is warm, the chocolate will melt on the bread. If the bread is not fresh-baked, you can toast the bread and place it on the toast when it is finished. You can even gently warm the bread and chocolate in an oven (do not microwave… it ruins the taste). The chocolate does not have to be heated; it can be eaten at room temperature and will still taste fantastic. Come on, where else do people eat chocolate sandwiches? I am always sending boxes of these back to friends who visit. They stock up here and write and ask me to send a few boxes every couple of months.

3. Candy: Licorice is, of course, the natural choice if your friends/family like licorice. If not, get some other great candy. You really should go to Nørregade in Copenhagen and get “bolcher”, which is the Danish word for candy, at the BEST bolcher factory/shop in Denmark. It is called Nørregade Bolcher and it is located on Nørregade (right next to Nørreport train station… a 2-minute walk). There you can not only watch them make the candy, but you can pick your own combination of the different types of bolcher from the store displays. It is reminiscent of one of the old American soda fountain / 5-and-dime stores where they had all sorts of different candies in little jars with scoops so you could choose. Even if you don’t like candy, it is a great place to visit as a tourist. Love the smells and atmosphere. Yummy!

4. Kitchen accessories: Look in places like Illums. It is pretty pricey, but there is some cool stuff. Accessories can also be found at places like Kop og Kande and Inspiration for a bit less. Just funky designs that make any home or kitchen look DANISH! Denmark is renowned for their unique and stylish kitchen gadgets and they are well-crafted to last.

Avoid all the souvenir plates, unless your family/friends collect stuff like that. Also be aware that the Stroeget is a great place to shop, but their prices are much higher than places in the suburbs. A 10-minute walk up Vesterbrogade or Norrebrogade can put you in the suburbs where the same shops are, but with better prices. Remember to spend wisely, cuz it ain’t cheap.:)


Source by Charlie Petersen



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Travelling from Malaga Airport to Benalmadena in 1 Minute Timelapse Video.mp4

Short timelapse video of the journey from Malaga Airport to Sunset Beach Club in Benalmadena by car. See if you can recognise any of the landmarks along the way!

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The Cost of Luggage Repair Parts and Luggage Repair

Oftentimes, being prudent with money has many advantages. As far as luggage repairs parts and luggage repairs are concerned, the best question to answer is whether or not sending the bag for repair proves to be a better deal rather than purchasing a new luggage altogether.

Luggage get broken and torn with regular use. And people love to overuse their favorite luggage. Frugal people want their tattered luggage repaired rather buying a new one. Some people find buying another bag an expensive solution. And so to save money, they would rather order luggage repair parts and mend the bag themselves instead.

One piece of luggage could cost several thousand dollars. Rich people will see no trouble taking out several rolls of bills from their wallets or bank accounts just to get a new traveler’s bag. But not all people are as lucky. For most of us, alternative solutions are considered. And that’s when the option of sending the luggage for repairs comes up.

And doing that pays off most of the time. Buying luggage repair parts are cheaper than buying a whole new luggage. For example, if the wheels of your luggage got broken, buying replacements would cost around $18 to $26 a set. The handles are sold at $22 from luggage repair parts dealer. It’s easy to see the difference between repairing and buying a new one.

Luggage repair parts that can also be replaced are stitches, zippers, and pull handles. Zippers can be bought at $19. Pull handles may cost as much as $65, but it is still cheap compared to getting a luggage from the store. Loose stitches on the luggage can be repaired too. Luggage repair centers usually charge $3 per inch.

There are luggage repair centers that charge a minimum repair amount. It’s just around $15 though so don’t worry, it isn’t much. There are also some that tend to charge other fees such as storage, service, and handling fees. Know first if any of these charges exist before you agree to send your luggage to them for repairs.

Some luggage repair centers allow for pick up and delivery of the bag to be repaired. This service is rarely free so expect to be billed for it too. Try to get a quote or an assessment of your luggage through the internet or the phone. You might need to know first the brand and year you bought bag so they can make a good assessment of how much you are to spend.


Source by Sal Farzin



"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
-Helen Keller

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Merida, Yucatán 2015 Timelapse

Timelapse del Zócalo de Mérida. Visita nuestra página www.collective.travel para participar en uno de nuestros viajes.

Discover the Zócalo of Mérida with Collective Travel. Visit www.collective.travel for more info

Types of Computers in the Market

Types of computers

There are a number of computer options to select from in today’s computer and technology market. Today, computers come in different sizes and styles. Current computers are made in a way that they fit people with different needs and requirements. Apart from the initial desktop and laptop computers there are other types of computers available on the market. Netbook and tablet PCs computers are now available, and a number of people are using them for different purposes.

Netbook PCs

Netbook PCs are similar to small laptops and are primarily meant for travel. They are smaller and lighter when compared to the standard laptops. Netbook computers do not have in-built DVD or CD drives, and their storage space is less. Netbook PCs requires less computing power and are relatively cheap. Netbook PCs perform basic computing activities e.g. word processing and Internet surfing.


Coming to the laptop computers, they are solely meant for placing on the lap of a person. What distinguish a laptop from a desktop is the size, structure and mobility. Although laptops are mobile devices, they are not meant for travel. However, laptops are more convenient than desktop PCs.

Tablet PC and convertible laptops

A tablet is a compact single-screen device. Instead of using the traditional keyboard in desktop and laptop PCs tablets use a stylus or finger touch. General uses of tablet PCs are media playing, sending email, reading among other uses. Tablets come in two design namely convertible tablets and slate tablets. On the other hand, a convertible laptop is similar to a tablet PC. The keyboard of the convertible laptop can be folded to form a touch screen tablet. It allows on to use a stylus or touchscreen.

Desktop PCs Vs laptops

A desktop computer primarily stays in one position. The size and components of a desktop computer do not allow for easy moving. However, the system of a desktop PC is stronger and more powerful than that of a laptop. Laptops are mobile and more convenient than desktop PCs but upgrading laptop hardware is nearly impossible.

Laptops Vs tablet PCs

The primary advantage of a tablet over a laptop is the weight. Tablets are light, and you can use them while walking unlike laptops which require you to sit down while working on them. Tablets are useful when one is in a conference since they can be laid down. In today’s computer market there are laptop tablet PCs which are basic tablets but have a keyboard and mouse attached to them. You can use them vertically as a traditional style laptop or use them as a tablet.


Source by Pat Dooley

Why The G-Shock Has Become The Unofficial Choice of Watch for Special Ops Forces

As with all Military wristwatches, Special Ops watches are required to meet a certain specification if they are to be used by military personnel. Some brands of military wristwatches are produced only for official military issue with their own NATO stock number, proving their military pedigree.

Traditionally military wristwatches have been developed over the years by certain key brands specifically for military use. But one watch, that on the face of it does not look like other military wristwatches, and in fact that not have the traditional analogue face of a military watch, has become the unofficial choice of Special Ops and Special Forces around the world. That watch is the CASIO G Shock.

The history of the G Shock is very different from that of a lot of military wristwatches, since it was not initially developed as a watch for military use. Originally the G -Shock was targeted at people looking for a watch for sports and outdoor adventure oriented activity, and an urban fashion watch. The G-Shocks are ideal for this outdoor extreme sports lifestyle, as, most of them have some kind of stopwatch feature, countdown timer, are light and water resistance. This meant that they are an affordable but tough watch that could survive the knocks and bashes dished out during extreme sports. More recently they have done more designer and fashion styles, collaborating with famous designers, whilst at the same time increasing the resilience of some of their ranges. Over time the G-Shock has traded of its toughness and ruggedness, developing more and more tough watches.

It is exactly that tough and resilient nature of the G Shock that has made the watch appeal to Special Forces around the world, and has been adopted as the unofficial Special ops watch. According to Wikipedia, in the Blackhawk Down book by Mark Bowden, the DELTA Operators wore G-Shock watches during the now infamous military operation in Somalia that was subsequently made into the film by Ridley Scott. Since then, G-Shocks watches have become very popular with Special Forces groups in both American and other NATO nation units, due to their being “battle tested”.

Check out any watch forum, and you will soon discover the G-Shock is popular amongst Special Forces personnel. You even find mention of the G-Shock in the novels of ex-SAS member Chris Ryan. In addition, the idea of the G-Shock as a military or Special Ops watch has been reinforced by its numerous appearances in action including being the watch of choice for Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible, featuring on the FBI character played by Keanu Reeves in Speed, and in the war movie JarHead.

So yes, while there are specific military wristwatches manufactured specifically for the Special Forces, such as Traser H3; MTM Special Ops and SAS issued Nite MX10, you will find that when it comes to a personal choice, the affordable G-Shock is and has often been used in the field of combat by Special Ops around the world.


Source by Clive Illenden